Lily Allen claims she was assaulted in her sleep by a record executive

The singer says sexual abuse is still rife in the music industry despite the #MeToo movement

Lily Allen has spoken out about sexual abuse in the music industry and claimed she was sexually assaulted by a record producer while she slept.

The 33-year-old, who is set to release her tell all book ‘My Thoughts Exactly’, has detailed her own experiences and wrote that the industry, “allows and sometimes even endorses toxic behaviour by men towards women.”

Allen claimed in an interview with Guardian Weekend that even after the #MeToo movement, sexual abuse remains rife in the music industry as people are too scared to speak out.


The singer, who has alluded to the assault before, went on to detail her own experience of abuse from a record executive. Allen says she wanted to name the exec in her book but was advised not to for legal reasons.

But she went on to describe the assault that occurred after she fell asleep in his hotel bed. She explained she got “smashed” at a party and the exec took her to his hotel room to sleep it off.

Allen alleges, “I woke up at 5am because I could feel someone next to me pressing their naked body against my back. I was naked, too. I could feel someone trying to put their penis inside my vagina and slapping my arse as if I were a stripper in a club. I moved away as quickly as possible and jumped out of the bed, full of alarm … I found my clothes quickly … and ran out of his room and into my own.”

The singer says she didn’t report the attack and went on to blame herself for the incident as she was drunk.

Allen continued to work with her alleged attacker after the incident, but explained that she visited a lawyer and signed an affidavit recounting the what took place. She explained: “I wanted it on record that I’d been sexually abused by someone I worked with.”


The singer, whose latest album ‘No Shame’ was released earlier this year, has previously opened up about sleeping with female escorts in the wake of the break down of her marriage and suffering from post-natal depression.

The star also recently revealed she Kanye West once phoned her up for a lengthy chat one Christmas Day.