Lily Allen on dealing with tabloid trolls: “They can say as much as they want, but I’m still smiling”

She hopes it'll encourage people to voice their own opinions

Lily Allen has spoken out against tabloid journalists who attack her for voicing her opinion on social and political issues.

The singer spoke to NME on the release day of her new album ‘No Shame’. During the chat, NME asked why she feels the tabloids are still so obsessed with her.

“I think they like to make an example out of me because I like to spark conversation, and that’s scary for those people. They want to control what people think. They don’t want people making their minds up for themselves. And the things I like to talk about outside of music are the things that are usually talked about by middle-aged white men in crap suits on the news,” she explained.

“So when someone who’s younger and relatable is talking about those things in a language people can understand, that’s threatening for them, I think.”

Allen is often criticized for her outspoken nature, having previously been dropped from Newsnight following her comments about Grenfell.

With the torrent of abuse she receives after such comments, Allen says that it’s always been worth it to speak about issues that she’s passionate about. “I think as long as I feel strong enough to take the blows, it’s quite empowering,” she said.

“They can say as much as they want, but I’m still smiling, and I’ve still got a roof over my head, and I’m having a laugh on stage performing to my fans. I hope that people think, ‘Fair play to her. She’s said this, and they’ve come back at her, but we can see through that and she’s fine. So maybe it is OK for us to express our opinions and have a take on things.’ You know, rather than thinking, ‘Oh look, Lily’s said this and they’ve gone for her and she’s fallen apart. So we shouldn’t join in the conversation either.’”