‘Lip Sync Battle’ will return for second season

Popular US TV show renewed for 20 more episodes

US TV show Lip Sync Battle has been renewed for a second season, which as reported by Time, will see 20 more episodes of the show produced.

The series, which airs on the Spike TV network, pits two celebrities against one another in multiple rounds of miming. It’s based on the popular segment that previously featured on chat show Late Night Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Hosted by LL Cool J, the first season is currently airing and has already welcomed a number of A-list stars, including Anne Hathaway, Justin Bieber, Anna Kendrick, Mike Tyson and The Rock.

In Hathaway’s case, the Oscar-winning actress took on Miley Cyrus’s chart-topping pop ballad ‘Wrecking Ball’ before hopping onto a real-life wrecking ball. Once astride the swinging orb, Hathaway continued her lip-sync and even “flipped the bird” at her fellow guest on the show, Emily Blunt, with whom she co-starred in The Devil Wears Prada. Click below to watch.