Logan Paul makes citizen’s arrest after home burglary

The intruder was found in Paul's living room charging his phone.

Controversial Youtube Logan Paul recently made a citizen’s arrest after someone broke into his California home.

The internet celebrity drew heavy criticism earlier this year for uploading a video which appeared to show the body of a suicide victim and has since returned to Youtube.

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Last night (February 4), Paul arrived home to his house at around 10pm to find a stranger charging his phone in Paul’s living room. TMZ report that the intruder knew it was Paul’s home and just wanted to meet the Youtuber.

The police were called after Paul made a citizen’s arrest and the invader was charged for criminal trespass.

Vlogger Logan Paul in his controversial, now-deleted video.

Paul’s controversial video showed him and his friends discovering a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, a notorious suicide hotspot. This coupled with a later video showing Paul taking part in inappropriate and offensive behaviour throughout his trip to Japan led to him taking a hiatus from the video platform.

He later issued an apologypleaded for a second chance, and shared a video about suicide prevention.

Since then, Paul has returned to Youtube claiming that he is “still lit as fuck”. The video vows to put an end to ‘the era of boring content’, before going into his usual frantic and loud antics, screaming at viewers to purchase his merchandise after Youtube cut him from their top advertising program.


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