Logan Paul taking break from YouTube following ‘suicide forest’ video controversy

Vlogger recently issued an apology

YouTube star Logan Paul has stated that he will be “taking time to reflect” after being criticised for uploading a video that appeared to show the body of a suicide victim.

On December 31, Paul posted a video which showed the vlogger and his friends discovering a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, a notorious suicide hotspot known locally as the “suicide forest”. The clip was watched over one million times before eventually being deleted.

After facing a backlash over his video, which saw Paul criticised by high-profile figures including Game Of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, the vlogger subsequently apologised, saying that he had intended on “raising awareness for suicide and suicide prevention”.


Logan Paul

Now, Paul has taken to Twitter to suggest that he’s taking a break from YouTube, writing: “taking time to reflect[.] no vlog for now[.] see you soon”. See his tweet below.

You can also read Paul’s initial apology in full:

Logan Paul is the older brother of former Disney star Jake Paul, who last year recorded a video that saw him defending himself from critics after a series of stunts, including burning mattresses in an empty pool.


For help and advice on suicide and mental health issues, check out the links below: