‘Lost’ creator JJ Abrams to turn teenage kissing game into a movie

JJ Abrams is developing a film based on the teenage kissing game Seven Minutes In Heaven.

The idea comes from director Jack Bender, who recently helmed the final episode of Lost, and is a longtime collaborator with Abrams‘ production company Bad Robot.

According to Hollywoodreporter.com, the film will follow two teenagers who go into a closet as part of the game but emerge to find all their friends dead.

Bender, who has also directed episodes of The Sopranos and Alias, signed a development deal with Bad Robot in June, and this will be his first project for them.

Bad Robot is also producing Boilerplate, a graphic novel adaptation, Morning Glory, starring Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams, and a remake of Little Darlings.

Abrams, the man who created Lost and directed Mission: Impossible 3 and Star Trek, is directing the upcoming Super 8, in collaboration with Steven Spielberg, and a second Star Trek film, having “rebooted” the sci-fi franchise for the big screen.

He is also a producer on Mission: Impossible 4.