Lost Peter Sellers films found in a skip set for British film festival

'Dearth of a Salesman' and 'Insomnia Is Good for You' will play at the Southend Film Festival

Two films starring the late Peter Sellers which were found in a skip are set to be screened next year.

1957’s Dearth of a Salesman and Insomnia Is Good for You were thought to be lost, but were found whilst an old Park Lane Films property was being cleared out. Robert Farrow found the films in 1996 but only recently opened the canisters and found out he was in possession of two rare movies, reports Digital Spy.

Building manager Farrow said he was clearing the London property ahead of a refurbishment over 15 years ago. “I spotted 21 film cans in a skip outside the office block and thought they would be good for storing my Super 8 collection in. I took them home, put them in a cupboard and pretty much forgot about them,” he said. “During a recent clear-out I found them again and decided to see what the tins contained – it was then I realised they were two Sellers films including the negatives, titles, show prints, outtakes and the master print.”


The two films have been digitally restored and will now be shown on the opening night of 2014 Southend Film Festival, May 1.

Actor and comedian Sellers died in 1980 at the age of 54. He is best known for his role as Inspector Jacques Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies as well as the cult BBC radio comedy The Goon Show.