Macaulay Culkin talks Michael Jackson friendship on Marc Maron’s ‘WTF’ podcast

He also revealed the fate of Pizza Underground.

Macaulay Culkin is Marc Maron’s latest guest on his long-running interview podcast, ‘WTF’.

He appears on episode 883, uploaded yesterday (January 22), alongside fellow guest, comedian Cameron Esposito.

Asking to be called Mac (what he’s been called by close friends and family his whole life), he revealed that he’s currently residing in Paris, where he’s been for the last four years.


He spoke out about his friendship with the late Michael Jackson, who he first met when he was about nine years old, after the first ‘Home Alone‘ film came out.

“He was my best friend growing up for a good, fat stretch of my life,” Culkin reveals.

“He enjoyed my youthfulness. He liked being a kid with me. It never struck me as odd. I never felt uncomfortable. That was just the way he was.”

Culkin was called to testify in Jackson’s 2003 trial for child molestation, saying that Jackson never molested or improperly touched him, calling the alleagtions ‘ridiculous’.

The former child actor also updated Maron on the future for his pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band, Pizza Underground, telling him the band has come to an end.

“I was a little tired of it, to be completely honest,” he revealed. “I’m very casual about everything I pursue.”


The actor also revealed how he ended up living in Paris, describing himself as a ‘thirty something retired person’.

“I was going [to Paris] for a little while, and I thought people didn’t recognise me,” revealed Culkin.

“But it was, ‘No, we recognise you – we just don’t care.’ I was like, ‘Where have you been my whole life?’.

The actor says he has a group of friends in the city who always asked him on his regular visits when he’s going to learn French and when he’s going to move to Paris.

“So during one of my trips, they asked when I was going to move out there, and I said, ‘How’s next week?'” he tells Maron.

“So I left my baggage out there, went home, settled some affairs for a week and I’ve been living in Paris for the last four years.”

Asked how his French language is getting along, he admitted: “My French is still terrible.”

Culkin says his ‘bowels enjoy being out there’ when probed on why he chose to stay in Paris, referring to his good diet. He also joked that: “The food sucks, the wine’s terrible and the women are ugly”, although he did admit he still has a place in New York as ‘an insurance policy’.

The actor spends his days writing, painting, sleeping and drinking, saying he does abstract art: “I’ll been playing with still life and figurative charcoals.” Culkin also has a new weekly podcast called ‘Bunny Ears‘, with his friend, Matt Cohen.

Listen to the full ‘WTF’ episode here.

Late last year, Macaulay Culkin made an appearance at a Bar Wrestling event in Los Angeles, helping a wrestling duo called the Worlds Cutest Tag Team and Dick Justice beat Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas and former WWE star Swoggle.

Watch footage here.