‘Machete’ sequel script has ‘already been written’

Danny Trejo talks about the hitman's future

Danny Trejo, who recently starred in Machete as the titular antihero, has announced that the script for forthcoming sequel Machete Kills has already been written by director Robert Rodriguez.

Trejo told Bloody-disgusting.com that he hoped to get started on the film soon.

“I asked him [Rodriguez] when he was going to write it and he says it’s written, so we can get started pretty quick,” he said.

Machete‘s release last month was considered a success within the film industry, having so far made $37.6million (£23million) worldwide. Its budget was just $10million.


Trejo has spoken before about the possibility of Machete becoming a trilogy. The plan is that Machete Kills would be the first sequel, with Machete Kills Again following as the third and final film.

The actor, who was speaking at the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade in Los Angeles, continued: “We went all over the world with that movie and people kept having me sign these Machete action figures, it was a lot of fun.

“I don’t even think Robert Rodriguez even expected that reception and now everyone is waiting for Machete 2, so hurry up Robert Rodriguez!”


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