Maisie Williams cast in X-Men spinoff The New Mutants

Game of Thrones star Williams is about to tighten her grip over geekdom

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams could be about to tighten her grip over geekdom, if new casting rumours are to be believed.

Williams looks set to follow her on-screen sister Sophie Turner into the X-Men universe, with a major role in Fox’s new spinoff-cum-reboot The New Mutants. She’ll be playing Wolfsbane, a Scottish mutant with the power to turn into a werewolf.

Josh Boone, who directed 2014 rom-com The Fault In Our Stars, is on board as cowriter-director, and according to longterm X-Men producer Simon Kinberg, is attempting to bring a young adult vibe to the project, to help it stand alone from its parent franchise.



“Boone and his writing partner are working on the script,” Kinberg told IGN. “They’re doing a really nice job of it, and it’s a really cool one, because in many ways, like Deadpool was so different from the mainline X-Men movies, New Mutants… It’s maybe not as different as Deadpool, but it has its own unique, original voice to it.”

New Mutants is just one part of the X-Men’s ever-growing cinematic universe, which will lose its Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, after seven films and 17 years on the job. The 47-year-old will appear for the last time in next year’s as-yet-untitled Wolverine 3, but is half-expected to pass the claws down to another actor. Meanwhile, hype is building hard ahead of ensemble piece X-Men Apocalypse, which is coming in May, while Gambit is in preproduction.

Williams returns to screens this month as noble runaway Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, with the show looking likely io overtake the plot of the books. Her costar Turner, who plays her older sister Sansa, is taking on the role of psychic mutant Jean Grey in X-Men Apocalypse.

Anya Taylor-Joy, who has recently been terrifying audiences in The Witch, is also heavily rumoured to appear in New Mutants, likely playing a Russian character called Magik. Comic characters Cannonball, Sunspot, and Mirage are all due to be cast, while Jams McAvoy and Alexandra Shipp will both reprise their roles in Apocalypse as  Professor X and Storm. The film is is scheduled for release some time in 2018.