Major ‘Star Wars’ announcement expected as fans celebate ‘May The Fourth’

Today has been dubbed 'Star Wars Day' by fans all over the world

Star Wars fans the world over are coming out in force to celebrate what has been commonly known as ‘Star Wars Day’, May 4.

Despite the original movie having been released on May 25 in 1977, today has been adopted by fans because of the close pun with one of the film’s most iconic lines of dialogue: “may the Force be with you”.

Fans have taken over Twitter and Facebook to mark the occasion, while fan meet up and social conventions are taking place all over the world. And this year they may be getting more than they bargained for, with whispers of an official announcement later today.

The official website features a countdown clock and the words “on May 4 all will be revealed” leading to speculation as to what the announcement will be.

It is commonly believed that the news will be details of the forthcoming Blu-ray releases of the original movies.

A spokesperson for Lucas Films told the Telegraph: “It’s nice that this particular date seems to observe and celebrate the power of the Force, and we’re thrilled that Star Wars fans continue to find new ways to connect with a galaxy far, far away. Of course, regardless of the date, the Force will be with us… always.”