Majority of British TV shows on Netflix will be axed from platform over the next year

BritBox is bringing things "back home"

The “vast majority” of British TV shows on Netflix will disappear from the platform in the next 12 months.

That’s according to a BritBox spokesperson, who told The Independent that British shows including The Office will come “back home” after exiting the US platform.

BritBox, the brand new subscription-based streaming platform launched by the BBC and ITV today (November 7), aims to have the largest collection of British TV content ever assembled on a single website.


“The vast majority of British shows will no longer be on Netflix within the next year,” ITV group communications and corporate affairs director Paul Moore said.

BritBox will remove British shows from Netflix

Moore explained further that most BBC and ITV shows that have been licensed to Netflix and Amazon are on 12-month rolling contracts. Those shows will move to BritBox once those contracts have expired.

He said that The Office “will be coming back home next spring” but confirmed that programmes that were co-productions between UK networks and Netflix or Amazon, such as Bodyguard, “can’t come back home”.

The strategy moving forward, Moore added, is that BritBox would not license British shows to other streaming platforms.


Additionally, since its focus is on UK-produced series, the platform would not compete to acquire the rights to US or international shows.