Manic Street Preachers’ new album ‘sounding classic and melodious’

The band are currently working on their 13th album

Manic Street Preachers’ new album is said to be sounding ‘classic and melodious’, according to the band’s longtime collaborator and director Keiran Evans.

The band are currently gearing up to premiere their new film, Be Pure Be Vigilant Behave – a live concert film based around the tour of the 20th anniversary of their classic album ‘The Holy Bible’ in 2014, directed by the BAFTA-winning Kieran Evans.

When asked by NME if he was currently filming the band making their next album, Evans replied: “No. I worked on ‘Rewind The Film’, ‘Futurology’ and two of their greatest records with ‘The Holy Bible’ and ‘Everything Must Go’. This [film] doesn’t feel like an end but a little doorstop in what we do next. They’ve got to move studios and have a lot of things to be getting on with. They also don’t like being filmed, so you have to coax new ways out of them! I think I’ve strained every way of pushing the band to make ‘Escape From History’ so let’s just let the mystery and magic of the songs come about. I’ve heard two new songs and they sound amazing.”


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Evans added that the tracks sounded ‘very, very melodious’.

“I only them on acoustic guitar but there was a lot of melody,” he continued. “The subject matter is the same as you’d expect from the Manics, but the songs were hooky in a good, classic way – like ‘Send Away The Tigers’, ‘Everything Must Go’, ‘This Is My Truth’. I think they’re keen to explore that, but who knows – the darkness may descend.”

After touring to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘Everything Must Go’ over the last year, it is believed that the Manics will release their 13th album and the follow-up to 2014’s acclaimed ‘Futurology’ next year.

Speaking to Gigwise back in May, bassist and lyricist Nicky Wire said: “James played me one [new] track the other night Which sounded really sweet and full of melody, that’s what he’s driving at, at the moment. But like I said, if it’s not good enough, it’s just not coming out. If won’t be out this year, maybe next. It could be a long gap for us, we’re not used to waiting this long.


“James has been listening to a lot of ELO over the last year and that’s what he’s focussing on. I’ve got a lot of lyrics nearly done, but I just need some time to find what I really want to write.”

He added: “Bizarrely, there are a couple of lyrics written outside of myself, which I don’t do very often. “There’s one called ‘Dylan and Caitlin’, which is me trying to imagine that relationship between Caitlin and Dylan Thomas. I’m not entirely sure if I’ve been successful in sitting outside of myself, but I have been trying.”

Be Pure Be Vigilant Behave will debut at Premiere Cinemas Cardiff on 19 October as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of Swn festival. For tickets and more information, visit here.