Mark Hamill: “I refuse to believe Luke Skywalker has gone”

Maybe Luke didn't bow out in 'The Last Jedi' after all?

Mark Hamill has revealed that he still “refuses to believe” that Luke Skywalker has gone.

Hamill played his most famous role for seemingly the last time in the most recent Star Wars film, The Last Jedi.

Speaking to the BBC, Hamill disclosed that he’s had trouble saying goodbye to the character – though he does have one humorous theory about where Luke may have teleported to following the events of The Last Jedi.


“I refuse to believe that he’s gone,” he said. “My theory is he just teleported to somewhere else and left his robe behind.

“He teleported to a nudist colony – that’s what I’m hoping,” he added in reference to the conclusion of Luke’s final scene which sees his cloak fly away after he vanishes.

Last month, it was announced that Hamill would be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The ceremony to induct Hamill into the famed walk will take place next week (March 8), with the star set to be joined at the ceremony by Star Wars creator George Lucas and his original trilogy co-star Harrison Ford.

Speaking about the honour, Hamill said: “[I] can’t say this is a dream come true because I was never foolish enough to think something like this could ever happen.”