Mark Hamill remembers rookie mistake from his original ‘Star Wars’ audition

There are a lot of pronunciation issues in the 'Star Wars' universe

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill has been filmed watching back his original audition tape for the role of Luke Skywalker.

In the video, the star remembers a rookie error he made during the audition.


“It wasn’t easy for me to watch this (“WHO TALKS LIKE THIS?!”),” Hamill tweeted while sharing the video, “but I suffered through it just for you, because it IS a great charity.

“Love that #omaze kindly provided subtitles, so you don’t miss a single moronic comment.”

In the tape, Hamill reads lines with Harrison Ford, of whom he says: “He’s always been one of my favourite people, I’m so lucky to have been able to work with him because he was the personification of cool. He was Han Solo. He’s better in the screen test than I am and he’s off camera!”

Watch the full video below.

Hamill also speaks of an error he made during the audition. “Did I just call him Hans?” he asks, reacting to his former self, before adding: “Why did I call him Hans instead of Han?”


“By the way, all through the shoot people were going ‘Is it or Han or Harn?'” he remembered, with the pronunciation of Chewbacca also a common talking point.

“[They would ask] ‘Is it Chewbacca or Chewbarca,” Hamill remembers. “We’d ask George [Lucas], and he wouldn’t really care. Can you imagine all that he has on his mind trying to get the movie off the ground and we’re nitpicking about how you pronounce the name of a Wookie?”

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker comes out this December.