Martin Scorsese making new crime drama with Robert De Niro

'The Irishman' will be the duo's ninth film together

Martin Scorsese is making his ninth film with actor Robert De Niro – new crime drama The Irishman.

Notable team-ups between Scorsese and De Niro include Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and GoodFellas. The Irishman will be the first time the pair have worked together in 15 years, since Casino in 1995.

The film will be based on Charles Brandt‘s novel I Heard You Paint Houses, reports It follows the life of former union official Frank Sheeran, who goes on to become a mob hitman.

Gangs Of New York screenwriter Steve Zallian is putting together the script. Staple actors of Scorsese movies such as Joe Pesci are both rumoured to be involved.

Scorsese‘s next movie is 3D children’s film Hugo Cabret, which stars Chloe Moretz. It is scheduled to be released in December 2011.