“We want the movies to reflect our audience” – Marvel Studios boss discusses their plans for LGBTQ superheroes

"That's what we're focusing on going forward."

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has discussed the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s plans to include more LGBTQ characters, which are slated to be included in their heavily-rumoured The Eternals adaptation.

Speaking to iO9, Feige was asked about whether the studio has plans to increase their LGBTQ representation. “Well it’s accurate in that we’ve talked about [it for] a long time,” he said.

“You look at the success of Captain Marvel and Black Panther. We want the movies to reflect the audience and we want every member of our global audience to see themselves reflected on the screen. And that’s what we’ve been doing for a long time. And certainly, that’s what we’re focusing on going forward.”


It has been strongly rumoured that an LGBTQ character will feature in The Eternals, which is all but certain to be Marvel Studios’ next big project.

The film has yet to be officially confirmed, but is all but certain to be happening. Last month it was reported that Angelina Jolie is “in negotiations” to make her Marvel debut in the film.

Created by Marvel stalwart Jack Kirby in 1976, The Eternals is set millions of years ago and tells the story of The Celestials, a race of space gods who created the titular team after experimenting on humans and gifting them with cosmic powers and near-immortality.

A release date is yet to be confirmed, but director Chloe Zhao (The RiderSongs My Brother Taught Me) has already been confirmed behind the camera.

Marvel’s next big screen offering comes in the hugely anticipated Avengers: Endgame, which hits cinemas next month.

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