Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ television series has been cancelled by Netflix after just two seasons

It's the second Marvel show to be pulled by Netflix in the last few days

Netflix have announced that they have cancelled the Marvel television show Luke Cage after just two seasons.

The news comes just days after the streaming service also announced the cancellation of another Marvel show, ‘Iron Fist’.

A joint statement from Netflix and Marvel read: “Unfortunately, Marvel’s Luke Cage will not return for a third season. Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is grateful to the dedicated show runner, writers, cast and crew who brought Harlem’s Hero to life for the past two seasons, and to all the fans who have supported the series.”


The news coincides with the upcoming launch of Disney’s own steaming service. As reported in Variety, the parent company of Marvel, has already suggested that it would allow licensing deals with Marvel to expire so it’s content can be moved to Disney owned services.

The Netflix series, which stars Mike Colter as the eponymous lead, debuted on the streaming service in 2016 and told the story of how the former convict first became bestowed with powers of superhuman strength and unbreakable skin.

Last year, Colter said he hoped the second season would explore the freedoms received by Cage more at the end of the first season.

“So what I want to explore, and what’s going to be really interesting for the second season, is seeing how he handles these newfound freedoms”, he told Moviefone.

“What does it open up for him? How does his life change from now on moving forward? And what is it like to sort of be a person that when you walk down the street, everybody knows who he is?”


Meanwhile, fans have been reacting to the news on social media:

Meanwhile, Finn Jones, star of the recently cancelled Iron Fist shared an Instagram post reacting to the news.

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Speaking about the cancellation of Iron Fist earlier this week, Jones said: “With every end is a new beginning. I have an enormous amount of love and respect for everyone involved with the last two seasons of this show.”

He also added: “Defending the greatest city in the world amongst the most talented and warmest people has been a privilege and a joy. Blessed to have taken this journey and grateful for the ongoing support.”

Speaking about the mixed reaction to season 1 of Iron Fist, Jones defended the show from its bad reviews, arguing that it’s because his character was too similar to Donald Trump.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Jones claimed that people were put off because he is playing a “white American billionaire superhero”. He said: “I think the world has changed a lot since we were filming that television show,” he said. “I’m playing a white American billionaire superhero, at a time when the white American billionaire archetype is public enemy number one, especially in the US.”