‘The Matrix’ is getting re-released on 4K Blu-ray

Hi-def Neo

The Matrix is set to be re-released on 4K Blu-ray, 19 years after its initial release.

The iconic sci-fi movie will hit shelves in the highest resolution yet on May 22, with the original Director of Photography Bill Pope having supervised the remaster. What’s more, the film’s audio (and banging soundtrack) has aalso been remixed for the über-modern Dolby Atmos format.

The film was shot in 35mm back in the 90s – a pre-digital format which gets a boost when upped to 4K, so expect The Matrix’s eye-popping special effects to look even more special come May.


Last year, a new Matrix film was revealed to be underway.

Keanu Reeves took the lead as Neo in the original trilogy, with The Matrix making cinema history with its special effects and mind-bending plot in 1999, before The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions followed in 2003.

Screenwriter Zak Penn took to Twitter to clear up confusion following his attachment to the project, confirming that the new movie would not be a reboot or a remake of the original series.

“All I can say at this point is no one could or should REBOOT the Matrix. People who know Animatrix and the comics understand,” he wrote. “Can’t comment yet except to say that the words ‘reboot’ and ‘remake’ were from an article. Let’s stop responding to inaccurate news.”