Matt Dillon to sue the makers of ‘Crash’

Actor claims he is owed a share of the profits

Matt Dillon has filed a lawsuit against the producers behind the Oscar-winning Crash, claiming he is owed at least £63,000 from the profits.

The actor, who played a racist cop in the 2006 movie, has accused the film’s producers of not paying all the money owed to him after filing an audit.

According to, in the lawsuit Dillon stated that they “deliberately authorised (the production entity) to apply an incorrect formula for the calculation of (Dillon‘s) contingent compensation”.

It’s the latest in a long line of lawsuits filed against the film, which cost around £5 million to make but made £62 million worldwide.

Executive producer Bob Yari was sued by his fellow producers – Cathy Shulman and Tom Nunan – over claims he withheld millions of dollars from them.

The film’s director Paul Haggis, co-writer Bobby Moresco and actor Brendan Fraser also filed a lawsuit in 2007 over claims similar to Dillon‘s.

According to the Dillon suit, the Haggis case is still ongoing.