Paddy McGuinness confirms more episodes of ‘Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere’ are “in the bag”

The 'Phoenix Nights' spin-off only aired for one season on Channel 4 from November to December 2014

Paddy McGuinness has confirmed that at least two more episodes of Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere are “in the bag”, but also warned fans not to “hold their breath at the minute” for the return of the show.

The spin-off from the Peter Kay co-created Phoenix Nights aired for six episodes from November to December 2004, and starred Kay and McGuinness as their Phoenix Nights characters Maxwell “Max” Bygraves (Kay) and Patrick “Paddy” O’Shea (McGuinness).

Following Kay’s admission earlier this week that a third season of Phoenix Nights has been written for some time and that he’d “love to go back to it”, McGuinness has now given fans an update on the possible revival of Max and Paddy.


“Let me tell you this, and this is coming straight from the horse’s mouth, [Kay] does that,” the Take Me Out host told The Lad Bible. “He goes on things, says we’re doing it, and we never do…

“We’ve always said we’d like to do [Phoenix Nights] again, and I know we’ve got stuff written with Max and Paddy as well, but that will be when it will be.”

While he revealed that the pair have “two one-hour specials in the bag”, McGuinness also cautioned fans of the show against getting excited about its return any time soon.

“I’ve no doubt that one day we’ll get back together,” he said. “But I wouldn’t hold your breath at the minute.”