McDonald’s set to become official competition arena for Pokemon Go players

Players set to battle each other to win characters in McDonald’s ‘Pokestops’

McDonald’s restaurants are set to become the official arenas for Pokemon Go players seeking to win Pokemon characters from each other.

The Wall Street Journal says that McDonald’s outlets in Japan will be the first testing ground for Pokemon Go ‘Pokestops’, where players will have Pokemon Go battles against each other in a bid to win monsters from each other.

McDonald’s restaurants will also have ‘gym areas’ set aside for Pokemon Go players to practice their skills.


It’s thought that, if the McDonald’s tie-up in Japan is a success, it will spread to McDonald’s in other countries.

News that McDonald’s is set to be the first real-life outlet to become an official partner of Pokemon Go has helped the fast food giant have a big boost in its shares. Last night (July 19), shares rose by 9.8% in Japan.

However, shares in Pokemon Go creators Nintendo fell by 12.6%.

Pokemon Go has yet to actually receive an official release in Japan. The game was due out yesterday (July 19), but its release was postponed after the launch date was leaked so widely that Nintendo feared users would crash its servers.

The news follows this morning’s scenes of Justin Bieber playing Pokemon Go in New York’s Central Park – and being totally ignored, as others in the park were too busy trying to catch Pokemon characters to spot the singer.


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