McDonald’s announce plans to introduce home delivery service in UK

The demand from patrons for the fast-food chain to introduce the service in the UK and Europe appear to have been answered

McDonald’s have announced plans to introduce a home delivery service in the UK and Europe.

The fast-food chain already operate the service in several countries in the Far East, including China and Singapore. The demand for a similar service in the UK and Europe has been voiced by patrons for a number of years.

It now appears that that demand will soon be met by McDonald’s, who are keen to introduce a delivery service to their daily operations in the two regions. Presumably citing the recent headway made by the home food delivery industry by the likes of Deliveroo, McDonald’s remarked on how “the landscape has created an exceptional opportunity for growth” in the UK and Europe.


“Because of our extraordinary footprint, McDonald’s is uniquely positioned to become the global leader in delivery,” the company said in a statement. “One of the most significant disruptions in the restaurant business today is the rapid increase in delivery. Through technology, delivery has changed the way customers order, pay, track and receive food and provide feedback.

“McDonald’s is already one of the largest providers of delivered food in the world, with annual Systemwide delivery sales of nearly $1billion across various markets including China, South Korea and Singapore. China has tripled its delivery business since its launch in 2008. In 2016 alone, China’s delivery business grew 30 per cent.”

While plans are in place, there has been no confirmed arrival date of the delivery service in the UK and Europe as yet.

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