Mel B claims someone has slashed her car tyres

The Spice Girl says she woke up to find her car has been damaged

Mel B has claimed that she woke up to find someone has slashed her car tyres and she knows who could have done it.

The Spice Girl shared a photo of the damaged tyres to Instagram with the caption: “Really? Ok when I wake up to do my school run, and wow my Range Rover tiers are slashed ?and you don’t think I no who you are, haha it’s laughable.

“#iseeyou #monsterdevil #butimhappywithoutyou #singlelifeprobles #fakepeople #mentalabuseawareness.”


The 42-year-old lives in Los Angeles with her daughters Phoenix, Angel and Madison. She is currently serving as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

However, fans of the star have commented on her picture to suggest that the damage looks more like it could have been done when hitting a curb or pothole.

One fan commented: “Sweetie, that’s curb damage and a slow flat. Just chill and get a new tyre.”

In 2017, the singer went through a divorce battle with ex-husband of 10 years, producer Stephen Belafonte.


In October, the former Spice Girl claimed she was drugged throughout the marriage. In December, after Mel B withdrew a domestic violence restraining order against Belafonte, their divorce was finalised.

Recently, Mel B flew to London to reunite with her fellow Spice Girls and announce a reunion.

However, the band are said to be considering performing standalone shows as part of the reunion after Victoria Beckham dismissed rumours of a tour.