Mel Gibson gives ‘one of his best’ performances in ‘The Beaver’, says Jodie Foster

Director Foster praises the performance of her star

Mel Gibson gives “one of his best” performances in new movie The Beaver, according to its director Jodie Foster.

The disgraced Hollywood star makes a return to acting in the film, which is set to be screened at Cannes. In it, he plays a depressed man who begins to talk through the medium of a toy beaver puppet.

Foster said that the film would surprise audiences. She told PopEater: “It’s very unconventional. It’s not like anything you’ve ever seen. It has a very wry, interesting tone. And if you can embrace that, you can embrace the title, too.”

She continued: “Mel loves the movie. He would do anything to support it, which is nice. Wed just have to keep our eye on the fact that he delivers probably one of the best performances of his life. I’m incredibly grateful for what he put on screen.”