Members of Indonesian band Seventeen among hundreds killed after erupting volcano triggers tsunami

Two members of the band have been confirmed dead.

The members of Indonesian band Seventeen are among more than 200 people who have died after a tsunami hit the Indonesian island of Java.

The bass player of the group is believed to have died, along with another member of the band and two members of their crew after the huge wave struck the stage mid performance.

Video footage posted online shows a crowd watching the band at a beach resort on the western tip of Java, moments before the wave hit yesterday evening.

As the band finish a song, the stage is seemingly engulfed by the massive wave and members of the crowd are seeing screaming in terror.

Posting on social media, lead singer Riefian Fajarsyah confirmed that his wife and the band’s drummer were still missing. He also paid an emotional tribute to both the bassist and the band’s manager who have died.

“We lost our bassist Bani and our road manager Oki,” he says in the video, while wearing a green shirt embossed with the band’s logo.

“Andi [their drummer] and Herman [guitarist] and Ujang [crew] have not been found. Please pray so that my wife Dylan [Dylan Sahara] will be found soon.

“The rest are thankfully safe although suffering from injuries and broken bones. Please pray so my wife Dylan, Andi and Herman and Ujang can be found soon.”

At least 222 people are believed to have died after the tsunami, which was reportedly triggered by a volcanic eruption. The huge wave crashed into beaches located around the Sunda Straight at about 9.30pm local time (2.30pm GMT) on Saturday evening.

The tsunami, which is said to have reached 10ft high, is believed to have been caused by an eruption of Anak Krakatau, the active cone that arose directly from the world-changing Krakatoa eruption of 1883.

In a statement, the Red Cross confirmed that aid was being provided by volunteers.

“Twenty staff and volunteers are now responding to people’s immediate needs, helping rescue survivors and recover bodies, and assessing the situation in coordination with government authorities,” a spokesperson confirmed.

“The Red Cross has dispatched relief goods from its regional warehouse in Banten including water, tarpaulins, cleaning equipment (shovels, axes), family and hygiene kits.

“The Red Cross continues to respond and will provide further assistance based on the assessments currently under way.”