Meryl Streep cast as Margaret Thatcher in biopic

Actress will play the former British Prime Minister 'sympathetically'

Meryl Streep will portray former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in a “sympathetic” light in forthcoming biopic The Iron Lady, her co-star has explained.

Jim Broadbent, who will play the former Tory leader’s husband Denis in the movie, believes Streep will be “fantastic” in the role, yet show a “softer side” to self-styled Iron Lady.

He insists his portrayal of Denis Thatcher will be equally sympathetic.

“Of course it will be a sympathetic portrayal, that’s what he was, he was very sympathetic,” the actor told the Associated Press. “It’ll be a sympathetic portrayal of Margaret as well.”

Streep‘s real life politics are to the left of Thatcher‘s, being a vocal Democrat supporter.