Watch Michael Bolton sing a retro TV theme song dedicated to ‘Game of Thrones’

The comical rendition features as part of a new skit from the Emmy-nominated Screen Junkies, who are behind the 'Honest Trailers' series

Michael Bolton has written his own version of the Game of Thrones theme song – with an ’90s twist – for a new Emmys-themed sketch.

The new skit is the work of Screen Junkies, who are behind the popular online series ‘Honest Trailers’ – which has once again been nominated for an Emmy.

In an attempt to gain attention for their nomination, Screen Junkies have recruited Bolton to help sing ’90s-style ballad and pop songs about some of the nominated shows – with the lyrics taking an honest and almost literal descriptive tone about the shows they are soundtracking.


Bolton is seen in the sketch obliging to the request, and drafts in the likes of Natasha Bedingfield (who sings about Stranger Things in the style of Full House‘s theme song) and Brian McKnight (who sings about This Is Us in the style of the Cheers theme) to assist.

And while Game of Thrones isn’t eligible for an Emmy nomination this year, Bolton declares that he still wants to pen a theme song for the show as it is his favourite, saying: “House Bolton does what it wants.”

Watch the sketch below.

The new sketch comes ahead of Games of Thronesmuch-anticipated season finale this weekend. Earlier today, new pictures from the final episode of season seven were released.