Original ‘Mighty Ducks’ cast reunite at NHL game

The beloved ice hockey film trilogy ran from 1992 through to 1996

Several members of the cast from the Mighty Ducks films reunited for the first time in years last weekend at an NHL game in the US.

Five actors from the ice hockey movie trilogy, which started with the original Mighty Ducks film in October 1992, were invited to attend an Anaheim Ducks game on Sunday (January 20) where they briefly donned the famous Mighty Ducks jerseys once again.

Danny Tamberelli (who played Tommy Duncan in the films) posted an image of himself on Instagram in a dressing room showing off his Ducks jersey, with the actor and some of his former co-stars later taking to the ice to film an as-yet-unknown project. It’s been rumoured that it could be for a Super Bowl commercial.


Tamberelli was joined at the arena by Kenan Thompson (Russ Tyler), Vincent LaRusso (Adam Banks), Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine (Julie ‘The Cat’ Gaffney), and Garette Ratliff Henson (Guy Germaine). The Anaheim Ducks posted four pictures of the stars together watching the game – check those out below.

Back in 2015, Jake Gyllenhaal revealed that he was once reduced to tears as a child when his parents didn’t allow him to star in the original Mighty Ducks movie.

“My parents were like, ‘Look, you’re about to enter junior high school, you gotta get your education, that’s the most important thing. I promise you, you hate us now, but you’ll thank us later,’” Gyllenhaal recalled. “And I do.”