Mike Shinoda opens up about the Linkin Park songs he finds hardest to perform

The frontman has been touring his first solo EP

Mike Shinoda has opened up about the Linkin Park songs he finds hardest to perform. Today (July 20) marks the one year anniversary since Bennington passed away.

Shinoda released his first solo EP ‘Post Traumatic’ back in January and is gearing up tour the release. He made his debut solo TV appearance last month.

Now in a new interview with NME, Shinoda chats about the shows he’s already played and which Linkin Park songs he’s found hardest to revisit. “It changes over time,” he said.


“We didn’t play ‘Breaking the Habit’ at the tribute show because topically, that’s just way too hard. For me, on the solo shows, there’s probably a few songs I could play myself but I don’t want to at this point, I don’t want to do it,” he continued.

“I can sing ‘Nobody Can Save Me’ and ‘Battle Symphony’ from the new Linkin Park record and I can sing them because I wrote them with my friend John Green. I sang the demos and they were written in a way that I can sing. I can sing those pretty well but lyrically, they’re a little too hard. I just know that in the long run, if I put that in the set, it’s only going to be a show or two before I’m like, ‘I don’t want to sing those words.’ It’s a work in progress and it’s also knowing myself as I go.”

He also discussed the difficulty in performing some of his solo tracks. “I did the song ‘Over Again’ that has the two verses. A few shows ago, I did both verses and when I was doing the first verse… something about the flow of the show, I expected the energy of the show to be a little more positive and upbeat and it had this momentum going up and then it hit that verse and it went [crashing down],” he said.

“It sucked the air out of the room a little bit and so then the next time I did it I went straight from the chorus to the second verse and the momentum stayed up.” You can watch the full interview below.

Meanwhile, the band have been leading the tributes to Bennington today, saying they were “eternally grateful” to have worked with the singer.