Someone covered Bring Me The Horizon on The Voice in Bulgaria and it was epic

Oli Sykes took to Twitter to express his 'feels'

A contestant on The Voice of Bulgaria fearlessly committed to performing Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ and she absolutely smashed it.

Milena Tsanova impressed the crowd with a cover of the opening track of BMTH’s 2013 album Sempiternal. All four of the judges on the signing competition pressed their button while Tsanova was mid-song.

Watch the clip of the performance below.

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes took to Twitter to express his gratitude and awe. He tweeted: “Feelssss if only I could sing this good”.

Recently, Bring Me The Horizon told fans about what to expect from their next album – revealing that it “won’t be a pop record” as many had feared.

After frontman Oli Sykes appeared onstage with While She Sleeps at the weekend, keyboardist and songwriter Jordan Fish appeared on Daniel P Carter’s Radio One Rock show to say: “We’ll probably take bits from what we did on ‘Sempiternal’, bits from what we did on ‘That’s The Spirit’ and take it off in a different direction. As long as it’s interesting and exciting, that’s all I really care about”.

“I understand there’s probably a load of people who want us to be super heavy and a load of people who only like the last album who don’t like the heavier stuff.” Fish continued: “That’s just the nature of a band that’s changed styles so much across the course of their career”

Meanwhile, frontman Oli Sykes told NME that their next album would be ‘weirder and darker‘.