Miley Cyrus goes door to door for Hillary Clinton at Virginia university – watch

Cyrus tells one student, "Open up, you're in big trouble! Just kidding!"

Miley Cyrus did her bit to encourage American young people to vote yesterday (October 22).

The singer went door-to-door at George Mason University (GMU) in Virginia to canvass support for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“Open up, you’re in big trouble! Just kidding!” she told one student as she knocked on a dorm room door. Watch footage of the singer surprising students at GMU shared on Twitter.

Miley Cyrus was initially a supporter of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, but gave her endorsement to Hillary Clinton after she beat Sanders to the Democrat nomination.

Asked what she would say to Sanders supporters who are refusing to vote for Clinton, Cyrus told Variety earlier this month: “That’s fucking crazy and you’re out of your mind. It’s literally pissing me off more than anything. If you could ever consider Donald Trump, you never understood Bernie in the first place.”

During the interview, Cyrus also spoke at length about identifying as pansexual, and shared her thoughts on the sex abuse allegations aimed at her recent director, Woody Allen.

She is currently appearing as a coach on the US version of The Voice and starring in Allen’s Amazon series Crisis In Six Scenes. Her last album, ‘Miley Cyrus And The Dead Petz’, largely a collaboration with the Flaming Lips, dropped last year.