Miley Cyrus shuts down pregnancy rumours

She says she’d just eaten a “ton of tofurkey” on Thanksgiving

Miley Cyrus hilariously shut down rumours she was pregnant yesterday (Thursday November 23), instead claiming she’d eaten a “s**t ton of tofurkey”, the vegan equivalent to turkey.

Cyrus’ 25th birthday coincided with Thanksgiving yesterday. To celebrate, the ‘Malibu’ star posed in a photo surrounded by blow-up balloons, Beatles memorabilia and birthday gifts.

Shortly after Cyrus posted the photo, celebrity news sites claimed the singer was displaying a ‘bump’ ahead of Thanksgiving. She soon responded, calling the reports “RUDE” and stating she was “not pregnant.” She later called the bump a “‘#VeganTurkeyBaby.”

Back in September, Cyrus returned to her country and western roots with latest album ‘Younger Now’.

I wanted to be more straightforward,” she told NME. “[I’m] saying, ‘I want to sell records so this is how I’m going to be’. I feel like I have nothing to prove. I think little parts of everyone that I’ve been in my life are starting to come through in this one kind of era of the music that I’m doing, because I really can embrace what I’ve been before rather than trying to distance myself from it.” 

She also explained her decision not to move away from America after Donald Trump was elected President. In an emotional Instagram post from last year, the singer admitted that the prospect of a Trump presidency left her “scared and sad”. But she later told NME: “I’m not fucking leaving the country, that’s some ignorant shit, that’s dumb. Because that’s me abandoning my country when I think I’ve got a good thing to say to my country.”

She also opened up on her support for Hillary Clinton, and revealed how the former presidential hopeful had acted as her creative muse for ‘Inspired’, a track on the new album.

“Well, ‘Inspired’, I wrote that for Hillary Clinton [but] I’m not fighting fire with fire, hate with hate. I’m fighting hate with love”, she said.