A new Millie Bobby Brown photo has sparked major rumours about Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’

Spoiler alert!

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has sparked rumours that a beloved character from Season 3 may be returning for the next season after all.

Brown shared a picture on Instagram (August 12) which showed a reunion with her fellow Stranger Things co-star, David Harbour. Harbour’s character, Chief Hopper, was presumed dead after the explosive finale of Season 3.

However, rumours have been rife that Hopper will actually return in Season 4 following a hint by showrunners the Duffer brothers in a podcast interview with Entertainment Weekly and fan theories which note that “the American” spoken about at the end of Season 3 could in fact be Hopper.


Now, Brown’s new photo with Harbour has given fans new hope that the character may return. The two are pictured having what Brown terms a “daddy daughter date” and Harbour can be seen sporting a new heavy beard. In the comments, Harbour later joked: “They grow up so damn fast.”

Fans of the 80’s inspired show have been quick to point out that Harbour’s new look could in fact tie in with the theory that Chief Hopper is being held prisoner in a Russian jail. “Am I the only one who believes David’s beard is an indication to hopper being the ‘american’?” one Instagram user pointed out. Another added: “Hopefully growing that beard to make it look like he was kept in a Russian base.”

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In other Stranger Things news, a new fan theory suggests that Brown’s character, Eleven, may return as a villain in season 4.

The theory states that Eleven could have been infected by the Mind Flayer when a piece of the sinister monster got lodged in her leg. It goes on to suggest that season 4 will see the character under its curse, like Will Byers and Billy Hargrove were previously.

“If Eleven is infected, the Mind Flayer could control her like it did with Billy, Will and the flayed, to eventually destroy her or use her to get more control/spread,” a Reddit user argued. This theory could also explain the loss of Eleven’s powers at the end of the last season, with her possibly being controlled by the dark force of the Mind Flayer.


While fans continue to speculate over the next chapter, Stranger Things‘ creators have shed some light on what to expect from season 4.

In a recent interview, co-creator Matt Duffer explained how season 4 could head outside of Hawkins and “open up a little bit”. “We’re pretty excited about where it’s potentially going to go,” Ross Duffer added. “Again, like we said, it’s going to feel very different than this season.”