London cinema pranks ‘Moonlight’ audience by playing start of ‘La La Land’

The two films were caught up in the chaos of the Best Picture reveal at Sunday's Oscars

A London cinema tricked film-goers earlier this week by playing the first 20 seconds of a La La Land trailer during a screening of Moonlight.

The two acclaimed films attracted a new set of headlines during Sunday night’s Oscars when they were caught up in the chaos and confusion over the grand reveal of the winner of Best Picture. An envelope mix-up saw La La Land erroneously announced as the winners of the prized category by presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, when the gong had actually been awarded to Moonlight – causing much on-stage embarrassment.

ABC via Getty Images


London theatre Rio Cinema – located in Dalston – took advantage of the furore surrounding this year’s Oscars by playing a trick on its customers during the Monday night screening of the actual Best Picture winner, Moonlight.

Patrons were treated to 20 seconds of a La La Land teaser trailer when the screening of Moonlight was scheduled to start – much to the amusement of those in attendance.

“It would have been quite awkward if they hadn’t got the joke – but luckily they did,” General Manager Andrew Woodyatt told The Metro. “We played the beginning of one of the La La Land trailers which is not exactly like the opening of the film, but everyone in the audience were going ‘hang on a moment, something’s wrong here’.

“We stopped it, made it look as though we made a mistake, and then started Moonlight. It got a huge round of applause and everyone loved it.”