The most streamed shows of 2016 revealed

Figures provided by SymphonyAM have uncovered the ratings of the most popular original streaming series - usually a closely-guarded secret

Streaming figures for 2016’s top original shows have been announced, revealing that Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black was the most-watched show on any streaming service last year.

Data company Symphony Advanced Media have put together the figures from shows that premiered on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon during last year, which have been collected from each show’s viewing figures from its opening 35 days. While the viewing figures haven’t been officially confirmed by any of the mentioned streaming services, the independent data that has been collated by SymphonyAM’s tracking technology sheds a light on which were the most popular original streaming series in 2016.

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Topping the list was Orange Is The New Black, which premiered its entire fourth season on Netflix back in June 2016. The show was streamed over 23 million times during the first 35 days after its release – two million more streams than Netflix hit Stranger Things garnered during the same time period when it premiered a month later.

Following Orange Is The New Black and Stranger Things was Fuller House, a sequel to the popular US sitcom Full House, which pulled in 21.5 million streams during its first 35 days on Netflix.

21 of the top 25 most popular original streaming programs aired on Netflix, while Amazon and Hulu both contributed two shows each to the list. It should be noted that Amazon’s The Grand Tour did not make the cut, with SymphonyAM saying that they couldn’t collect ‘stable’ enough figures from its opening 35 days at the time of publication.

See the full list of 2016’s top 25 most-streamed shows below.

  1. Orange Is the New Black (season four) – 23 million viewers
  2. Stranger Things – 21.7m
  3. Fuller House – 21.5m
  4. Marvel’s Luke Cage – 12.1m
  5. Marvel’s Daredevil (season two) – 11.6m
  6. House of Cards (season four) – 8.8m
  7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (season two) – 8.4m
  8. The Ranch – 5.8m
  9. 11.22.63 – 5.3m
  10. Amanda Knox – 4.96m
  11. The Get Down – 4.91m
  12. Gracie and Frankie (season two) – 4.5m
  13. Love – 4m
  14. Narcos (season two) – 3.8m
  15. Black Mirror (season three) – 3.7m
  16. The Crown – 3.5m
  17. Bloodline (season two) – 3.3m
  18. Longmire (season five) – 3.2m
  19. Chelsea Does – 2.7m
  20. The Path – 2.06m
  21. Flaked – 2.04m
  22. Bojack Horseman (season three) – 2m
  23. Marco Polo (season two) – 1.9m
  24. Goliath -1.8m
  25. Bosch (season two) – 1.6m

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