M&S respond to claims that their Paddington Christmas advert features the phrase ‘f*ck you little bear’

Twitter users have been sharing the ad

Marks & Spencer have responded to Twitter chatter suggesting their new, Paddington-themed Christmas advert features the phrase “fuck you, little bear”.

The advert in question is promoting M&S’ new range surrounding the Paddington 2 film, and features Paddington Bear himself inadvertently thwarting a burglar to save Christmas. After seeing the error of his criminal ways and gaining some Christmas spirit, the burglar proclaims “thank you, little bear!”

However, the pronunciation of the ‘thanks’ has confused some Twitter fans, who claim the burglar seems to instead be saying “fuck you, little bear”. “Leave Paddington alone!” cried one user, while a number of others expressed their amusement, even co-opting M&S’ #LoveTheBear campaign to read #FuckTheBear.


The reaction has prompted M&S to issue a terse response: “He’s saying, ‘Thank you, little bear’. We think it’s really clear. We wouldn’t change the ad,” an M&S spokesperson told Digital Spy.

Check out the original ad, and some of the confused responses below.



M&S’s partnership with Paddington 2 will see the department store stock 90 items of Paddington merchandise throughout the festive season.

Paddington 2 is set for release this Friday November 10. The animated sequel has commanded widespread critical acclaim.

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