‘Museum Of The Weird’ to be written by Frank Zappa’s son

Disney plan for Ahmet Zappa to adapt another of their attractions for screen

Inspired by the success of Pirates Of The Caribbean as a film as well as a theme-park attraction, it is being reported that Disney plan for another Disneyland ride to be adapted for the big screen.

The LA Times report that the next Disney ride to be adapted is to be The Museum Of The Weird.

The Museum Of The Weird was a ride that never even got past the idea stage, though apparently the idea of a surreal ghost house was one much loved by Walt Disney.

The attraction was conceived by Claude Coats and Rolly Crump, the same men behind The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean attractions – two films that have seen successful ride to film conversions.

It is claimed the writer of the new film will be Ahmet Zappa, actor, musician and novelist and 36 year-old son of deceased rock legend Frank.

No word yet on the director or cast.