‘The youth-quake happened’ – Music and entertainment world react to UK general election result

'Salute the youth'

As the UK wakes up to the 2017 general election resulting in a hung Parliament, the world of music and entertainment has taken online to react.

This morning saw the news arrive that the UK government is in a state of hung Parliament, after the Conservative party failed to gain a majority of seats while Labour made surprising gains.

Prime minister and Tory leader Theresa May called the snap election in the hope of a sweeping victory to consolidate power as she planned to head into Brexit negotiations. However, with a surprising surge in popularity for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party (as well as a huge turn-out from young voters), the result has proven to be a humiliating blow for May – with many calling for her to resign.


Now, stars of music, film and TV have spoken out – not only speaking of their surprise and optimism at the result, but also praising young voters, praising Corbyn’s leadership and echoing the calls for May to step down:



Last night saw exit polls predict a very close race and hung parliament, and the actual results appear to have followed suit. An NME-led exit poll of young voters in the 2017 UK general election shows a markedly increased turnout for 18-24 year-olds, with a majority of the youth opting for Labour.

Official sources also claim that up to 72% of young voters turned out to vote yesterday.


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