Listen to 1000 classic John Peel Sessions via extensive A-Z catalogue

Including music from Bowie to Bikini Kill

Nearly 1000 classic John Peel Sessions performances have been compiled into an alphabetised online catalogue – and are available to watch now on YouTube.

The late broadcaster, who passed away in 2004, recorded over 4000 live sessions by more than 2,000 artists on his legendary BBC Radio 1 show during his time at the station.

While many of the performances were officially released, many were not available to listen to following their initial airing. However, some fans have since uploaded bootleg versions of these to YouTube.


Blogger Dave Strickson has now put together all the available clips in an alphabetical online playlist, which links its users back to their desired Peel performance.

Included on the list are the likes of David Bowie, The Cure, New Order, The Smiths, Pulp and Bikini Kill. You can see the complete run-down here.

“Incredible work my friend,” said one impressed user of Strickson’s efforts. Another commented: “Blimey Charlie what a collection.”

With some fans suggesting missing sets to be uploaded, it’s likely that the extensive playlist will grow over time.


One of the official releases of the sessions came in 2005 following Peel’s death the previous year. In a review of ‘The Complete John Peel Sessions’, NME wrote: “These Peel Sessions are a chronicle of their scorched-earth policy that spanned the five years of the late-’80s when rock was reborn in a placenta of white noise.”