12-year-old kid gets permission to skip school to go to a Tool concert


A US teacher has been praised by Tool fans after letting a student skip class so he can see the band in concert.

Posting on Tool’s Reddit, the 12-year-old student’s father explained how his wife wrote to his son’s teacher and asked if the youngster was allowed to see the band play in Houston next month.

“My wife emailed his band director to make sure he wouldn’t miss any practice or rehearsal the next day,” he explained.


With the concert arguably acting as a musical education in its own right, the teacher was only too willing to allow him to miss class.

“If there is, TOOL is a GOOD reason to miss it,” the teacher responded. “My only response, take me with you guys!”

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The teacher added: “I am super jealous that he will have that opportunity and I will not punish him for missing for TOOL. How is he doing? Do you like their new album.”

The tour comes after Tool released ‘Fear Inouolum’ last week, their first record in 13 years.


Praising the record, NME‘s five star review stated: “The days, months and years will reveal more about the new record. As with releases previous, there are wrinkles that will only emerge after the record is lived with and absorbed.

“But if you’re wondering whether ‘Fear Inoculum’ was worth the wait, then the answer is yes. If you’re wondering whether it’ll touch your heart, soul and spirt, the answer is also so.”