Watch Klyne’s new video inspired by the Calais Jungle

Electro duo say their new song 'Water Flow' is "about people being forced to start over and building a new life".

Electro duo Klyne have released a new video inspired partly by the hardships of the Calais Jungle.

The video for ‘Water Flow’, which was shot entirely on iPhones, follows three friends on a road trip across what the band call “a fractured and fractious Europe”.

Singer Nick Klein explained: “‘Water Flow’ is about people being forced to start over and building a new life. And finding the courage and strength for it in their loved ones in order to do so.”


The video’s director Thomas Ralph added: “I was drawn to the band’s experiences of hope, migration and unity. It struck me to create something immediate and of today’s world. Looking back – having witnessed the adversity of the Jungle in Calais, serious run-ins with the French and Belgian police, and breaking down in austerity-hit Charleroi – the shoot and real life blended into one.”

The director continued: “The experience affirmed our own naivety to the many complexities and hard issues of the modern world, but also reassured us in the resolute strength of the human bond.”

Klyne – producer Ferdous Dehzad and singer Nick Klein – have also announced a live show at London’s Echoes on December 6. ‘Water Flow’ is out now on Because Music.


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