Budget supermarket Lidl is now selling turntables

You can now pick up a record player at the budget supermarket chain for under £50.

Lidl has become the latest supermarket chain to stock turntables.

The German food retailer, which now has more than 380 shops in the UK, is offering an ION Record Player with USB for £49.99.

Larger branches of Tesco, Aldi and Sainsbury’s already stock turntables. In June Sainsbury’s actually claimed to the largest retailer of vinyl records in the UK after reintroducing the format back to its shelves in March.

When HMV questioned this statement, claiming it sells four times as many vinyl records as the supermarket, Sainsbury’s clarified its position, saying: “We have more stores on the high street (171) selling vinyl – making us the biggest for location – however, we still don’t sell as many records as HMV.”

Tesco became the first UK supermarket chain to reintroduce LPs to its stores last year.

Sales of vinyl have now grown in the UK for eight years in a row – and the industry now makes more money from selling records than it does from video streaming sites like YouTube.

More than two million LPs were sold in Britain in 2015, which the BPI says could be the most since at least 1994 – the year of Oasis, Bon Jovi and The Beautiful South.

This bumper year for British vinyl saw 2.1 million LPs sold raking in £25.1m, more than the £24.4m that YouTube and similar video streaming sites paid back from its users’ streams.