Die Antwoord say ‘dumbs fucks’ forgot to credit them for ‘Chappie’ movie work

South African rap duo claim they should have received an art direction credit on the 2015 sci-fi film.

Die Antwoord have claimed they weren’t credited for “art direction” they contributed to 2015 sci-fi film Chappie.

In an Instagram post, Ninja said he and bandmate Yo-Landi hand-painted the “secret lair” which they appeared in during director Neill Blomkamp’s film. However, “some fat fuck” was apparently credited for their handiwork erroneously.

Sharing a picture of the set, Ninja wrote: “DIE ANTWOORD’s secret lair in CHAPPIE hand-painted by Ninja and ¥o-landi… dumb fucks ‘forgot’ to credit us… said art direction was by some fat fuck who smiled in our face when neill was around then flipped 2 retard gremlin face when neill was gone… was a few fat fat fucks like dat on set… we gon make our own movie soon wid no brakes on… here cumz fun.”

This isn’t the first time Die Antwoord have had a beef with the makers of a big-budget movie. Over the summer Yo-Landi accused Suicide Squad director David Ayer of “jocking” their style in the hit superhero movie starring Margot Robbie and Jared Leto.

Posting a video showing alleged similarities between herself and Robbie’s character Harley Quinn as well as Leto’s Joker and her bandmate Ninja, Yolandi claimed that Ayer had contacted the group before making the movie and that members of the cast later revealed that he referenced them while shooting the film.

Back in May, Die Antwoord also hit headlines by claiming that Kanye West interrupted a studio conversation with them to watch an anal sex video.