Watch a teaser for Chance The Rapper’s mysterious new movie ‘Slice’

The rapper was cast in the film in June 2015 but very little is known about it.

Chance The Rapper has shared a teaser for Slice, the mysterious new movie he stars in.

“Slice. Starring Me the Actor. In theatres 2017,” he wrote on Twitter as he dropped the clip.


Slice is the debut feature film from writer-director Austin Vesely, whom the rapper tagged in his Twitter post today.

When Chance was cast in the film in June 2015, the film’s IMDB page listed its plot synopsis as follows: “When a pizza delivery driver is murdered on the job, the city searches for someone to blame: ghosts? drug dealers? a disgraced werewolf?”

It was also announced in June 2015 that Chance would serve as a producer on the film as well as starring in it. Slice has been made by A24, the indie film studio behind Room, Ex Machina and this year’s Oscar hopeful Moonlight.

However, Chance’s co-stars and all further details about the film remain unknown.

The rapper previously starred in a short film called Mr Happy, released in 2015, in which he played a character struggling with depression and feelings of being trapped in his dead end job. Watch the 23-minute short film, in which his character discovers a way to arrange his own murder, here.

Meanwhile, Chance is due back in the UK next month for a series of dates as part of his Magnificent Coloring World Tour.