Harry Styles offers to FaceTime terminally ill four-year-old after seeing heart-rending photo online

One Direction singer was moved by a picture of young girl clearly distressed by her treatment for a rare form of cancer.

Harry Styles was so moved by a father’s photo of his terminally ill daughter that he rang him offering to FaceTime the poorly child.

Photographer Andy Whelan posted a picture on Facebook showing his four-year-old daughter Jessica looking anguished as she received treatment for neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer that affects children.

“A few days ago she was given what is most likely only a few weeks to live after a battle against cancer that has been waged for over twelve months,” he wrote in the post.

“This photograph was made in a moment that we as parents could offer her no comfort, her pushing us away whilst she rode out this searing pain in solitude. This sadly, for us as a family, is not a sight that we see rarely.”

Jessica Whelan – A fight against Neuroblastoma – Timeline | Facebook

Jessica Whelan – A fight against Neuroblastoma. 21,735 likes · 33,149 talking about this. Jessica, aged 4. Diagnosed with high risk stage 4…

The heart-rending post has now been shared more than 8,000 times, and clearly touched a nerve when the One Direction singer saw it.

After recalling the unexpected and “surreal” phone call he received from Styles, Whelan told the Manchester Evening News: “He offered to FaceTime but because Jessica is so unpredictable at the moment and we don’t know when she might be sleeping or in too much pain, I asked him whether he could record a video to us to show to her when she’s feeling comfortable.”

“At least that way it’s something she can watch again and again,” Whelan added.