Mother Love Bone singer’s girlfriend calls Chris Cornell a ‘chode’ in searing blog post

Xana La Fuente also accuses Cornell of failing to give her credit for a song whose lyrics she co-wrote.

The girlfriend of late Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood has branded Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell a “chode” in a vitriolic blog post.

Cornell formed the band Temple of the Dog as a tribute to Wood, his former roommate, after he died of a heroin overdose in 1990. The band are currently touring to mark the 25th anniversary of their only album.

The reunion tour has evidently triggered negative feelings towards Cornell harboured by Xana La Fuente, who was in a relationship with Wood when he died in 1990.

Addressing the tour on her blog, La Fuente shared a fan-shot video of Cornell forgetting the lyrics to the song ‘Stargazer’ during a recent gig. She then wrote: “Well I am sick to death of all of it and just want it and The Mustache [Cornell] with his shitty lame rendition of a song about ME to GO AWAY. It’s bad enough he never gave me credit for partial lyrics I wrote in the chorus to ‘Times Of Trouble’.”

“I have literal proof of this in copyrighted poems I was sent and that were sent to me by a friend in prison,” she continued. “He’s now a very successful writer and magazine owner.”

‘Times Of Trouble’ is a song that appears on the Temple of the Dog album, which the band have been performing on their reunion tour.

La Fuente also accused Cornell of breaking a promise to give the proceeds from the Temple of the Dog album to charity. She went on to claim the reunion tour has been staged for purely financial reasons.

“This is no longer about Andrew Wood or the woman who protected and nurtured him. It’s about the almighty dollar. Each member is getting 1 million dollars for this tour,” she wrote. ”And people wonder why I call him [Cornell] a chode.”

Chris Cornell has yet to respond to La Fuente’s blog post. Read it in full here.