Martin Shkreli says he has a ‘surgical Shakespearean flow’ on his debut rap album

Controversial CEO tells followers the the album will be "strictly for the streets".

Controversial CEO Martin Shkreli has bragged that his upcoming rap album will display a “surgical Shakespearean flow”.

He also told followers on Twitter that the album will be “strictly for the streets”. It will come with an accompanying book aimed at “phony character actors”, he added.

Check out his tweets about the album below.


Known for his extravagant, self-publicising lifestyle, Shkreli has frequently been labelled the most unpopular man in America. The pharmaceutical CEO first made headlines after his company increased the price of Aids drug Daraprim by 5,556% from £10 to £577.

It was later revealed that Shkreli bought the sole copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s double album ‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ in 2015. He paid $2 million for the record, with the stipulation that he could not release it commercially for 88 years. Shkreli later engaged in a war of words with several Wu-Tang members, including Ghostface Killah.

However, he has since fulfilled his promise to leak the album if Donald Trump won the US Presidential election. He aired several songs from ‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ in a livestream during the early hours of yesterday morning (November 9). You can see footage below, as well as tweets from Shkreli leading up to the leak.


Pitchfork reports that Shkreli said he would negotiate with Wu-Tang Clan for a wider release of the album.

Some of Shkreli’s other publicity stunts have included offering Kanye West $15m to become the only person to own his album ‘The Life Of Pablo’. He also donated $2,700 to former Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign after Sanders called him “the poster child of greed”.

Meanwhile, in September the CEO claimed he was auctioning off the chance for one person to punch him in the face.


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