Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx explains why he won’t discuss Donald Trump on stage

Sixx says he feel as though he is living "a little bit in a bubble" as he tours North America with Sixx:A.M.

Nikki Sixx has explained why he won’t discuss Donald Trump’s controversial victory in the US election on stage.

The Motley Crue legend has been touring North America with Sixx:A.M. since September, but he and his bandmates DJ Ashba and James Michael have managed to keep their politics off stage.

“We don’t feel that’s right for us. It doesn’t mean it’s not right for somebody else,” Sixx told NME. “We have our beliefs and inside of our own camp it’s not 100% all one way or another. We don’t really feel it’s necessarily something you want to stop in the middle of a rock show and say.”


Six continued: “I’ve been quite vocal on my socials – I’m also very sarcastic most of the time so I think people know where I stand, but, in America especially, we’re very divided. To have a fan feel that they have to choose their music because of the person they voted for, that is not fair to the music.”

Sixx’s former Motley Crue bandmate Vince Neil recently revealed he had been asked to perform at the Presidential inauguration ceremony in January. However, Neil has since said his invitation to perform has been withdrawn.

By contrast, Sixx admitted he currently feels “disengaged from everything” that is happening in the US politically, adding: “I feel like I need to purge and get away from it.”

He continued: “Some of the decisions that will be made will obviously impact me and my family, my children, and my friends, and my country, and other countries’ lives. At this exact moment, I guess I get to live a little bit in a bubble. I’m on the road with my best friends, we’re… releasing a new record, and every night we play it’s a lot of fun for us because we enjoy the challenge.”

Sixx:A.M. released new album ‘Prayers For The Blessed, Vol. 2’ on Friday (November 18).