‘X Factor’ singer Rebecca Ferguson reveals she was sexually abused as a child

Singer says it took her "years" to build up her self-esteem after the abuse.

Rebecca Ferguson has revealed that she was sexually abused as a child.

The former X Factor singer, who released fourth album ‘Superwoman’ in October, has recently launched hashtagsuperwoman.com, a website designed to give women a safe space to share their stories.

Speaking openly on ITV’s Loose Women earlier today (November 23), the singer said of the abuse she experienced as a child: “I’ve never spoken about it. I told one friend, but – as I’ve launched a website – this is the perfect place to speak about it. That is what I’m trying to do, make a safe place where women can speak about their problems.”


After confiding that she experienced the abuse in a children’s home at the age of eight, Ferguson recalled how she felt afterwards. “You feel dirty, like you’ve done something wrong,” she said candidly.

She also discussed the long-term impact of the abuse, saying: “It affects how you go on to be treated by men… it goes on to affect how you carry yourself and expected to be treated. It’s very hard to have strong self-esteem. It took me years to build it up.”

If you wish to talk about similar experiences of abuse to Rebecca Ferguson, you may wish to contact HAVOCA (Help for Adult Victims Of Child Abuse), a charity run by survivors for adult survivors of child abuse.